Original Article

Cycle number of neoadjuvant chemotherapy might influence survival of patients with T1-4N2-3M0 nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Jiawang Wei, Huixia Feng, Weiwei Xiao, Qiaoxuan Wang, Bo Qiu, Shiliang Liu, Meiling Deng, Lixia Lu, Hui Chang, Yuanhong Gao
Clinical laboratory and imaging evidence for effectiveness of agarose-agarose macrobeads containing stem-like cells derived from a mouse renal adenocarcinoma cell population (RMBs) in treatment-resistant, advanced metastatic colorectal cancer: Evaluation of a biological-systems approach to cancer therapy (U.S. FDA IND-BB 10091; NCT 02046174, NCT 01053013)
Barry H. Smith, Lawrence S. Gazda , Thomas J. Fahey , Angelica Nazarian , Melissa A. Laramore , Prithy Martis , Zoe P. Andrada , Joanne Thomas , Tapan Parikh , Sudipta Sureshbabu , Nathaniel Berman , Allyson J. Ocean , Richard D. Hall , David J. Wolf