Article Abstract

Pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality patterns in China, 2011

Authors: Yutong He,Rongshou Zheng,Daojuan Li,Hongmei Zeng,Siwei Zhang,Wanqing Chen


Objective: The National Central Cancer Registry (NCCR) collected population-based cancer registration data in 2011 from all cancer registries in China. The incidence and mortality rates for pancreatic cancer were compiled and pancreatic cancer incident new cases and deaths were estimated.

Methods: A total of 234 cancer registries submitted cancer data to NCCR. Data from 177 cancer registries were qualified and compiled for cancer statistics in 2011. Pancreatic cancer cases were extracted and analyzed from the national database. The pooled data were stratified by area (urban/rural), gender and age group (0, 1-4, 5-9, 10-14…85+). Pancreatic cancer incident cases and deaths were estimated using age-specific rates and national population in 2010. The national census in 2000 and Segi’s population were used for age-standardized rates.

Results: All 177 cancer registries (77 in urban and 100 in rural areas) covered 175,310,169 populations (98,341,507 in urban and 76,968,662 in rural areas). The morphology verified pancreatic cancer cases (MV%) accounting for 40.52% and 4.33% of pancreatic cancer incident cases were identified through death certifications only (DCO%) with mortality to incidence ratio (M/I) of 0.91. The estimated number of newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer cases and deaths were 80,344 and 72,723 in 2011, respectively. The crude incidence rate was 5.96/100,000 (males 6.57/100,000, females 5.32/100,000). The age-standardized incidence rates by Chinese standard population (ASIRC) and by world standard population (ASIRW) were 4.27/100,000 and 4.23/100,000 respectively, ranking 10th among all cancers. Pancreatic cancer incidence rate and ASIRC were 7.03/100,000 and 4.94/100,000 in urban areas whereas they were 4.84/100,000 and 3.56/100,000 in rural areas. The incidence rate of pancreatic cancer of 33 cancer registries increased from 3.24/100,000 in 2003 to 3.59/100,000 in 2011 with an annual percentage change (APC) of 1.44. The pancreatic cancer mortality rate was 5.40/100,000 (males 5.88/100,000, females 4.89/100,000), ranking 6th among all cancers. The age-standardized mortality rates by Chinese standard population (ASMRC) and by world standard population (ASMRW) were 3.81/100 000 and 3.79/100 000. The pancreatic cancer mortality and ASMRC were 6.47/100,000 and 4.48/100,000 in urban areas, and 4.27/100,000 and 3.08/100,000 in rural areas, respectively. The mortality rates of pancreatic cancer showed an approximately 1.14-fold increase, from 2.85/100,000 in 2003 to 3.26/100,000 in 2011, with an APC of 1.68.

Conclusions: The burden of pancreatic cancer is increasing in China. Identification of high-risk population and adequate treatment and prevention are important.