Article Abstract

Fluorescence image-guided lymphadenectomy using indocyanine green and near infrared technology in robotic gastrectomy

Authors: Jacopo Desiderio, Stefano Trastulli, Alessandro Gemini, Domenico Di Nardo, Giorgio Palazzini, Amilcare Parisi, Vito D’Andrea


In recent years, some researchers have tried to find a way to improve the surgical identification of the lymphatic drainage routes and lymph node stations during radical gastrectomy, thus starting a new research frontier in this field called “navigation surgery”. Among the different reported solutions, the introduction of the indocyanine green (ICG) has drawn attention for its characteristics, a fluorescence dye that can be detected in the near infrared spectral band (NIR). A fluorescence imaging technology has been integrated in the latest version of the Da Vinci robotic system and surgeons have extensively reported their experiences in colorectal and hepato-biliary surgery for tumors, vascular and lymphatic structures visualization. However, up to date, the combined use of fluorescence imaging and robotic technology has not been adequately investigated during lymphadenectomy in gastric cancer.

Keywords: Gastric cancer; fluorescence guided surgery; robotic surgery