Article Abstract

Clinical application of multidisciplinary teams in tumor therapy

Authors: Cong Wang, Dongjian Song, Zhili Xu, Jiaxiang Wang


Multidisciplinary team (MDT) model is a diagnostic and treatment model characterized by interdisciplinarity, integration, centralism, individualization, and precision and is becoming more common in the management of complex malignancies. MDT emphasizes team spirit and a personalized treatment strategy according to the actual condition of each patient. A cooperative and effective multidisciplinary team is an important guarantee for delivering high-quality services to patients. Under the guidance of a medical humanistic concept, MDT provides reasonable, effective, convenient, and a full range of excellent quality medical service to patients. The MDT maximizes patient benefits, and it is the developmental direction for large-scale general hospitals. At the same time, the MDT is also an important measure to strengthen the core competitiveness of hospitals. Here, we introduce the clinical application of the model in tumor therapy as well as the current state and development in our hospital.

Keywords: Multidisciplinary team; tumor therapy; clinical application