Article Abstract

Incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in China, 2013

Authors: Bingbing Song, Chao Ding, Wangyang Chen, Huixin Sun, Maoxiang Zhang, Wanqing Chen


Objective: Estimating the incidence and mortality rate of cervical cancer became necessary to establish prevention measures and healthy policies. The aim of this study was to estimate the updated incidence and mortality rate of cervical cancer in 2013 in China.
Methods: According to the evaluation criteria developed by the National Central Cancer Registry of China, the data submitted from 255 cancer registries met the required standards in 2013. Cervical cancer cases were retrieved from the national database and combined with the 2013 national population data. The age-standardized incidence and mortality rates were based on the demographic structure of the national census 2000 and Segi’s world population.
Results: In 2013, the estimated number of new cases and deaths from cervical cancer were 100,700 and 26,400, respectively. The crude incidence of cervical cancer was 15.17/100,000. The age-standardized incidence rates based on the Chinese standard population (ASIRC) and the world standard population (ASIRW) were 11.30/100,000 and 10.30/100,000, respectively. The incidence of cervical cancer in urban areas was 15.62/100,000 and the ASIRC was 11.12/100,000. The incidence of cervical cancer in rural areas was 14.65/100,000 and the ASIRC was 11.47/100,000. The mortality rate of cervical cancer was 3.98/100,000. The age-standardized mortality rates based on the Chinese (ASMRC) and world standard populations (ASMRW) were 2.76/100,000 and 2.62/100,000, respectively. The mortality rate of cervical cancer in urban areas was 3.85/100,000 and in rural areas was 4.14/100,000. Cervical cancer incidence and mortality increased with age. Urban areas had a higher incidence of cervical cancer and lower mortality rates when compared with rural areas.
Conclusions: Dynamic monitoring of cervical cancer incidence and mortality is the fundamental work of cervical cancer prevention and control. Cervical cancer is a serious issue in women’s health, and prevention strategies need to be enhanced, such as human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination and screening programs.

Keywords: Cervical cancer; cancer registration; epidemiology