Article Abstract

Incidence and mortality of laryngeal cancer in China, 2008−2012

Authors: Yuqin Liu, Qin Zhao, Gaoheng Ding, Yitong Zhu, Wenying Li, Wanqing Chen


Objective: To analyze the incidence and mortality rates of laryngeal cancer in China from 2008 to 2012.
Methods: Incident and death cases of laryngeal cancer were retrieved from the National Central Cancer Registry (NCCR) database collecting from 135 cancer registries in China during 2008–2012. The crude incidence and mortality rates of laryngeal cancer were calculated by area (urban/rural), region (eastern, middle, western), gender and age group (0, 1–4, 5–9, …, 85+). China census in 2000 and Segi’s world population were applied for age standardized rates. JoinPoint (Version model was used for time trend analysis.
Results: The crude incidence rate of laryngeal cancer was 1.86/100,000 ranked the 21st in overall cancers. The age-standardized incidence rates by China population (ASIRC) and by World population (ASIRW) were 1.22/100,000 and 1.23/100,000, respectively. The crude mortality of laryngeal cancer in China was 1.01/100,000 and it was the 21st cause of cancer-related death in overall cancers. Both the age-standardized mortality rates by Chinese standard population (ASMRC) and by world standard population (ASMRW) were 0.63/100,000. Incidence and mortality rates of laryngeal cancer were higher in males than in females and higher in urban areas than in rural areas. Middle areas had the highest incidence and mortality rates followed by eastern and western areas. Incidence and mortality rates of laryngeal cancer retained low level before age of 40 years old but increased greatly after and peaked in age group of 75. Incidence showed significant down trends in recent 10 years by 1.27% annually [95% confidence interval (95% CI): −2.2%, −0.3%]. Mortality declined in females sharply by 5.18% per year although stable in males and both sexes combined.
Conclusions: Appropriate targeted prevention, early detection and treatment programs should be carried out to control the local burden of laryngeal cancer.

Keywords: Laryngeal cancer; incidence; mortality; China