Article Abstract

Postoperative chemotherapy with S-1 plus oxaliplatin versus S-1 alone in locally advanced gastric cancer (RESCUE-GC study): a protocol for a phase III randomized controlled trial

Authors: Xiang Hu, Lin Chen, Yian Du, Biao Fan, Zhaode Bu, Xin Wang, Yingjiang Ye, Zhongtao Zhang, Gang Xiao, Fei Li, Qingsi He, Guoli Li, Xian Shen, Bin Xiong, Liming Zhu, Jiwei Liu, Lian Liu, Tao Wu, Jing Zhou, Jun Zhang, Gang Zhao, Xulin Wang, Pin Liang, Xinxin Wang, Yan Zhang, Xiaojiang Wu, Ji Zhang, Xin Ji, Xianglong Zong, Tao Fu, Ziyu Jia, Jiafu Ji


Background: The ACTS-GC study had shown postoperative adjuvant therapy with S-1 improved survival of patients with locally advanced gastric cancer. Addition of oxaliplatin to S-1 is considered to be acceptable as one of the treatment options for gastric cancer patients after radical gastrectomy with D2 lymph node excision.
Methods: We have commenced a randomized phase III trial in December 2016 to evaluate S-1 plus oxaliplatin compared with S-1 alone in the adjuvant setting for locally advanced gastric cancer. A total of 564 patients will be accrued from 13 Chinese institutions in two years. The primary endpoint is 3-year relapse-free survival. The secondary endpoints are 5-year overall survival, proportion of patients who complete the postoperative chemotherapy and incidence of adverse events.
Ethic and dissemination: The trial has been approved by the institutional review board of each participating institution and it was activated on December, 2016. The enrollment will be finished in December, 2018. Patient’s follow-up will be ended until December, 2023.
Trial registration:, identifier: NCT02867839. Registered on August 4, 2016.

Keywords: Locally advanced gastric cancer; S-1 plus oxaliplatin; randomized phase III trial