Article Abstract

Treatment patterns for adjuvant docetaxel-based chemotherapy in early-stage breast cancer in China: A pooled retrospective analysis of four observational studies

Authors: Binghe Xu, Zhimin Shao, Shui Wang, Zefei Jiang, Xichun Hu, Xiaohua Zhang, Xiru Li, Jinping Liu, Mengquan Li, Shu Wang


Objective: Adjuvant docetaxel-based chemotherapy is frequently used for operable early breast cancer (EBC). This study investigated patterns of use of docetaxel (T) in real-life clinical practice in China.
Methods: This was a retrospective pooled analysis of the Asia-Pacific Breast Initiatives (APBI) I (2006−2008) and II (2009−2011) registries, and two Chinese observational studies; BC STATE (2011−2014) and BC Local Registry (2007−2010). Female Chinese adults (≥18 years) with operable breast cancer treated with docetaxel-based adjuvant chemotherapy were included in the analysis. Patients with metastatic disease were excluded. The primary endpoint was assessment of treatment patterns and patient profiles. A logistic regression analysis was conducted to identify factors associated with choice of adjuvant chemotherapy regimen.
Results: Data from 3,020 patients were included. The most frequently used adjuvant regimen was docetaxel/anthracycline combination [n=1,421 (47.1%); of whom 52.0% received T/epirubicin (E)/cyclophosphamide (C)], followed by docetaxel/other [n=705 (23.3%); of whom 72.8% received TC], docetaxel/anthracycline sequential [n=447 (14.8%); of whom 40.9% and 39.6% received 5-Fu/EC-T and EC-T, respectively], and “other” [n=447 (14.8%); of whom 91.5% received T]. A significant association was found between adjuvant therapy with docetaxel/anthracycline combination and patient weight, menopausal status and estrogen receptor status.
Conclusions: Real-world data revealed that docetaxel/anthracycline combination is the most commonly used category of docetaxel-based adjuvant therapy for patients with operable breast cancer in China; of which TEC is the most frequently used regimen.

Keywords: Adjuvant chemotherapy; docetaxel; early-stage breast cancer