Article Abstract

Novel circular RNA expression profile of uveal melanoma revealed by microarray

Authors: Xuan Yang, Yang Li, Yueming Liu, Xiaolin Xu, Yingzhi Wang, Yanni Yan, Wenjia Zhou, Jingyan Yang, Wenbin Wei


Objective: The present study aimed to investigate circular RNA (circRNA) expression in uveal melanoma (UM).
Methods: First, we used microarray to compare the expression profiles of circRNA in five UM samples and five normal uvea tissues. Next, bioinformatics analyses, including gene ontology (GO) analysis and pathway analysis, were applied to study these differentially expressed circRNAs to predict pathogenic pathways that may be involved. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) in 20 UM samples and 20 normal uvea samples was used to confirm the circRNA expression profiles obtained from the microarray data. Finally, we analyzed the interaction between validated circRNAs and their potential cancer-associated miRNA targets.
Results: In total, 50,579 circRNAs [fold change (FC) ≥2.0; P<0.05], including 20,654 up-regulated and 29,925 down-regulated circRNAs, were identified as differentially expressed between UM tissues and normal uvea tissues. We used qRT-PCR to verify seven dysregulated circRNAs indicated by the microarray data, including hsa_circ_0119873, hsa_circ_0128533, hsa_circ_0047924, hsa_circ_0103232, hsa-circRNA10628-6, hsa_circ_0032148 and hsa_circ_0133460, which may be promising candidates to study future molecular mechanisms.
Conclusions: This study explored, for the first time, the abnormal expression of circRNAs in UM and described the expression profile of circRNAs, providing a new potential target for the mechanism of UM and future treatment of UM.

Keywords: Uveal melanoma; circular RNA; microarray; noncoding RNA